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 Milan Hašek Conference Hall

 Milan Hašek Conference Hall (named by the 1st director of the Institute) is the main conference hall of the IMG conference centre. It is suitable mainly for congresses, conferences and larger scientific symposiums. Control room with all the technical equipment and control board is a part of the Conference Hall. Registration desk and Meeting room for uploading of the presentation is located in close proximity of the hall.

Thanks to the high-quality technical equipment the hall fits the most exacting customer requirements and it is rightly ranked among the most modern conference facilities in the Czech Republic.

floor: ground floor
area: 300 sqm
width:15,5 - 25 m
lenght:14,5 m
height:3,5 - 4,8 m
floor material: ratan
wall material: brick, ceiling - barysol
no. of entrances: 2 for guests, 1 for disabled, 1 for loading

Ttheatre (auditorium): 297 person

hall variability: no
daylight: partly
light control: from speakers desk, from production
darkening: yes
hall equipment: 2x projector, projection screen, technical background, LCD for speaker


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