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Conference lounges

Lounges designed primarily for the internal needs of IMG and its laboratories. However in case of larger conferences with several parallel sections they can be also used for commercial use in case of booking in advance. With maximal capacity of 25 person the lounges are suitable mainly as smaller parallel sections or meetings of working groups.

floor: lounges located on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor
area: 47,5 sqm
width: 5 m
lenght: 9,5 m
height: 3 m
floor material: linoleum
wall material: brick
no. of entrances: 1 + additional through facilities


Theatre: 30 person
School:  16 person
Geneva: 10 person


hall variability: yes
daylight: yes
light control: switchers
darkening: partly (drapes)
hall equipment: projector


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